Cute Babies Cry

Cute Babies Cry

Everyone agrees that baby is adorable; people love to play with the baby, act funny to make her laugh. But does a seemingly cute baby always look so adorable every time? Just ask her mother and I am sure that you will find quite unpredictable answer. It is surprisingly a common thing that a baby sometimes can make his or her mother feels so depressed. A baby is not like a doll that always looks happy and smile all the time, he or she also does cry, whimper, and even scream a lot. Seeing this interesting fact, we will be discussing further about some reasons why newborn babies cry a lot.

Newborn babies are such delicate Chinese porcelain, vulnerable to handle and to take care. As a mother, a calm action is needed in handling a crying baby. The main thing that should be understood is the reasons why the baby cries. A baby apparently does the crying because of some possibly reasons such as hungry, tired, wet diaper, feel hot or cold, want to be held, need to burp, lonely, want to communicate, or something simple like, “Mommy, I just want to cry. I am a baby.”

As a mother, indeed, you cannot just let your baby get into crying and have no try to end it. Then, how to solve it or what should a mother do to stop the crying? Well, for your information, a baby does not choose an exact time to cry. Thus, it can be morning, afternoon, evening, or even anytime. But above all the possibilities of timing, the most usual time is at midnight. For the duration itself, the baby’s cry is about two hours or even longer.

Another interesting fact is that the commonly newborn baby’s most wanted playtime is at approximately after 2 A.M; at this hour, he or she actually wants to play with her mom or dad. Another possibility is perhaps, he or she is hungry so that mom should do the breastfeeding. Besides, baby’s cry can also be another way to say “I’m tired”; in this case, he or she might feel exhausted after playing, breastfeeding, or ‘entertaining’ people around.  It means that the baby needs to sleep. And believe it; a newborn baby can sleep for at least sixteen hours or even more! Usually, a baby who feels so sleepy does not cry aloud but just fussing. So, it is better to hold the baby, avoid noisy sound, and he or she will comfortably close her eyes to sleep.

In addition, a mother can also consider ‘some words’ that her baby makes before or during his or her crying session. It is a research from an Australian mother, Pricilla Dunstan. Apparently, she has been practicing ‘secret languages’ of baby, as we know that babies cannot speak words clearly but they try to communicate by making special voices sounds like words. There are ‘neh’, ‘owh’, ‘heh’, ‘eair’, and ‘eh’.

Neh’ is to show that these babies are hungry, the sound ‘neh’ comes from the suckling reaction; it is because the baby tries to demonstrate their breastfeeding activity by putting her tongue to the top of her mouth. ‘Owh’ is like a yawn to illustrate that they want to sleep. ‘Heh’ appears when these babies are feeling uncomfortable; it can be some feelings like pain, cold, hot, or not liking their dirty diapers that make them wet. ‘Eair’ sounds are like deeper cry or sound like a murmur, and sometimes they sound it by drawing up their legs; ‘eair’ means it is a time to have a lower gas. ‘Eh’ indicates that these babies need to burp, in this case, they will try a lot o push air out of the stomach but it is the ‘eh’ that appears. Well, now you know the reasons why babies cry and how to deal with it, hope it is helpful for you to treat your baby nicely without making you stress.

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